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Covid Procedures

Melrose strives to keep our school campus clean and safe for everyone. It’s a huge priority for us to keep children, staff and families healthy. At this time Melrose requires masks for Adults when inside and on our campus. Melrose does not have a mask policy for children of any ages. 

Click this COVID PROTOCOL button for a helpful chart created

by our Melrose PTG. This chart will guide you in the right direction on what to do if you or your child has Covid Symptoms.



Please note that these policies will continue to evolve as we all

learn more about this disease.

  1. Melrose strives to keep our school campus clean and safe for everyone. The ultimate priority is to keep staff
    and school families healthy, and we plan on doing our best to keep Covid away from Melrose. Please
    review our COVID-19 Policies & Procedures for the 2021-2022 school year.

  2. Please know Melrose Avenue Preschool reserves the right to change/evolve these policies at any time, as
    the school year moves forward.

  3. The rules & regulations we've created have been planned and organized by Melrose Administration and Melrose Parent Teacher Group. Melrose Preschool is a Private school. We are licensed by DCF and follow the DCF rules and regulation. DCF does not have ANY regulations regarding COVID and when we need to close for positive cases. We are licensed by DCF and follow the DCF rules and regulation. DCF does not have regulations regarding COVID and when we need to close for positive cases. 

  4. Any person that lives in the same household as a person diagnosed with Covid-19 must quarantine
    immediately for a minimum of 10 days regardless of symptoms. If symptoms appear, please see YES, I
    HAVE SYMPTOMS portion on our Covid chart.

  5. In order for a person to return back to school after asked to be medically cleared, that will require
    verification from a Healthcare provider or PCR test. (Not an at-home rapid test.)

  6. Please note Melrose understands that common symptoms such as (but not limited to) runny noses,
    coughs and diarrhea are often observed in children outside of Covid-19. However, it is the position of
    Melrose Avenue Preschool to ensure safety of all children and staff and will require such noted symptoms to
    be verified by a healthcare provider.

  7. Per the CDC guidelines, someone without a mask, within 6ft of one another for more than 15 minutes could contaminate one another. 

COVID Symptoms
Any ONE of these symptoms will result in needing clearance from a

healthcare provider to return to school:
Fever equal to or over 100.4º (without any fever-reducing medications)
New onset dry cough - Loss of smell or taste - Shortness of Breath - Difficulty Breathing

Any COMBINATION of these symptoms will result in needing clearance from a

healthcare provider to return to school:
Chills - New or unusual headache - Nausea, vomiting,
Diarrhea (three or more watery stools within the timeframe at school)
Loss of appetite - Muscle aches - Sore throat - Runny Nose - Congestion

When your child is signed in each morning, you will be prompted with a daily Covid screening. Melrose staff will continue doing the same screening as well. Have you noticed a fever or COVID symptoms? Have you been exposed to Covid? Etc. If anyone in your family has 1 or more of these symptoms above, please read over the Covid protocol chart for the next steps. Melrose Staff will continue to screen children throughout the school for any symptoms.

  Positive Covid Cases at Melrose

  1. Melrose will not be closing our doors for ONE positive Covid case.

  2. If there are 2 or more positive PCR cases within 10 DAYS of each other then a classroom (including nap & clubhouse), will need to be closed and quarantine. Those children and the siblings will need to quarantine.

  3. Melrose Preschool is unable to refund or prorate tuition during the times children need to quarantine.

  4. Melrose will notify school families about a positive PCR test as soon as we have all our facts together. 

  5. It is at the parents discretion if they would like to keep a child(ren) home that was not in the 

  6. Please refer to the COVID chart for more information.

Building Access

  1. Parents and visitors will have limited access inside our school campus. Those that are given limited access to the building may enter and wait in the foyer upon approval of a Melrose staff member.

  2. We will continue having ways to drop off and pick up your child from school. You will be able to sign up for carpool or a park and walk up. By having carpool and a walk-up, this allows for better segregation of the children in large groups. It also helps that we have the 1pm & 4pm pickup options.

  3. Parents/Guardians may use carpool lanes or park and utilize the walk up area located in the back by the


  1. ALL teachers/staff on campus must wear a mask or clear face shield while around children and/or inside the building.

  2. ALL parents/guardians while around the children and/or inside the building are required to wear a mask.

  3. Masks are not mandated for children at this time; however, they are highly encouraged.

  4. We leave mask wearing for children up to the parents discretion on sending them in with one or not. Some parents have been flexible about the mask wearing, while others would like them to wear a mask all the time. It is important parents are communicating with your child's teacher on how your family feels about mask wearing. 

  5. Breakaway lanyards for families wishing for the staff to help assist children keeping their masks on throughout the day. The lanyards are a great way for the entire staff (not just your teacher) to help identify those that would like their child to keep masks on and keep the mask from being misplaced. You may ask for a lanyard in carpool or the walk-up area during pick-up or drop-off.

​ Cleaning & Sanitation

  1. As much as Melrose strives to use eco-friendly cleaning products like Thieves and Vinegar solutions, we DO USE stronger products as well. We will continue to clean classrooms and day-to-day items when the children are present using Thieves and Vinegar.

  2. No harsh chemicals will be used when a child is present in the classroom. However, we will allow staff to use a spray disinfectant (such as Lysol or seventh generation). These are used in the morning before school, while children are outside or at the end of the day when children are not present. 

  3. We do have a hand sanitizer that is used in the classroom with children & adults. Parents are required to sign a permission form stating it is okay for Melrose to use hand sanitizer on your child. Of course, we continue using soap and water to wash hands, but having the hand sanitizer as an extra precaution is a great way to keep germs at bay.

  4. Melrose has '3 in 1 Purifiers' in every classroom. (1) Prefilter, (2) Activated carbon filter and (3) A True HEPA filter. This will help clean and sanitize the air as well as help eliminate allergens.

  5. Melrose also uses UV Germicidal Lamps in the classroom when children/adults are not present. These lights will help with the sanitation when we have a variety of symptoms going around the school. 

 Ratios, Class PODS & Carpool Info

  1. DCF and State regulations have allowed us to resume our normal ratios, as well as have an assistant between 2 classes. However, we will continue to keep classes separated when possible. This will be for any type of small event and/or out in the garden or running place.

  2. The PODS allow for less cross exposure. This does not include walking in hallways or the passing of one
    another in common areas which is brief exposure.

  3. Classes are separated into PODS to allow the teachers, assistants and children to safely overlap throughout the day. This is helpful when it comes to clubhouse and nap rooms.

  4. Please note that teachers DO mix between PODS, due to the fact that we do not have enough staff to stay with each POD all day long.

  5. PODS are organized a few ways... age groups, teachers & students. Please ask your child's teachers for more information about the POD they are in.

  6. If your child is enrolled in enrichment classes, they will not be grouped within a POD. If you would like your child to stay within their POD, then enrichment classes might not be the right option for your family. 

  7. The hardest times of day for crossover are during drop-off & pick-up. With a limited number of staff during these times of day, we do the best we can to keep children a part from one another. Children are spread out in the family room, hallways and lobby during these times. 

  8. We strive to make our drop-off and pick-up run quickly and smoothly each day. Always keeping in mind the 15 min guideline from the CDC, our drop off and pick up never last longer than 15min. 

  9. There are only 3-4 turtles during carpool which allows for more teachers to stay in the building with groups of children. 

After reading our Melrose Covid Protocols, we hope you feel safe having your child at school with us. We know this is scary for everyone and we all process events differently. Thank you for your continued support and patience during this tough time. We look forward to continuing a great school family friendship with everyone, no matter if you stay or feel the need to leave. If you have any questions about our COVID policies please let us know how we can help. 

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