Covid Procedures

Melrose strives to keep our school campus clean and safe for everyone. It’s a huge priority for us to keep everyone healthy, and we plan on doing our best to keep Covid away from Melrose. Here is a start to our COVID-19 policies and procedures for our 2020-2021 school year.


Please note that these policies will continue to evolve as we all learn more about this disease.

  1. Parents and visitors will have limited access inside our school campus. We will continue having 3 ways to drop off and pick up your child from school. You will be able to sign up for one of two carpool lanes or a park and walk up area. By having 2 carpools and a walk-up, this allows for better segregation of the children in large groups. It also helps that we have the 1pm & 4pm pickup options.

  2. We are excited to be going paperless on many things for the new school year. This will help eliminate germs being passed back and forth. We have a new system we can’t wait to introduce. Teachers will all have tablets in the classrooms for quick updates. Parents will need to download a free app to gain access to your child’s daily information. This system will eliminate the paperwork from your child’s daily reports, signing child in/out & covid screenings and so much more. 

  3. When your child is signed in each morning, you will be prompted with a daily covid screening. Melrose staff will continue doing the same screening as well. This will include temperatures being taken and  questions such as, Have you noticed a fever or COVID symptoms? Have you been exposed to covid? Etc.

  4. Melrose will continue to require adults on campus to wear a mask or a clear face shield while around the children and/or inside the building. 

  5. As much as Melrose strives to use eco-friendly cleaning products like Thieves and Vinegar solutions, we are going to be using something stronger occasionally. We will continue to clean classrooms and day-to-day items when the children are present using Thieves and Vinegar. No harsh chemicals will be used when a child is present in the classroom. However, we will be going back to allowing staff to use Lysol spray, ONLY at the end of the day when children are not present in the classroom. Melrose will also be using an extra sanitation product 1-2 times per month when the children are not present. It will be a product such as or similar to PHENO D. This is a disinfectant release fogger. They would be set off in the classrooms on Fridays allowing for the school to air out before children return. Melrose will try to use this product when the school is closed for either a 3 day weekend or a longer holiday break. Most months during the school year have at least one of these options for us. This will allow the building to be fully aired out before returning to school. 

  6. As most of you from summer camp know… We do have a hand sanitizer that is used in the classroom with children & adults. Parents are required to sign a permission form stating it is okay for Melrose to use hand sanitizer on your child. Of course, we continue using soap and water to wash hands, but having the hand sanitizer as an extra precaution is a great way to keep germs at bay.

  7. Melrose has already begun buying air purifiers and it’s our goal to have one in every classroom before the first day of school on August 10th. This will be a ‘3 in 1 Purifier” that includes: (1) Prefilter,
    (2) Activated carbon filter and (3) A True HEPA filter. This will help clean and sanitize the air as well as help eliminate allergens.

  8. This summer Melrose has assigned a basket of toys to each class to take outside. We have found this very helpful to maintain cleanliness and cross contamination of classes. The garden toys for each class have enough for each child to at least have one toy. They are brought inside and sanitized after each use.  

  9. DCF and State regulations have allowed us to resume our normal ratios, as well as have an assistant between 2 classes. However, we will continue to keep classes separated when possible. This will be for any type of small event and/or out in the garden or running place. Groups will have to pass each other during transition times around the campus. 


After reading our new Melrose Covid Protocol, we hope you feel safe having your child at school with us. We know this is scary for everyone and we all process events differently. Thank you for your continued support and patience during this tough time. We look forward to continuing a great school family friendship with everyone, no matter if you stay or feel the need to leave. If you have any questions about our COVID policies please let us know how we can help.