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Hello Families!

Melrose Preschool is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to education, as well as the Conscious Discipline philosophy for social skills and self-regulation. These two philosophies work in tandem to offer the best environment for your child to thrive in.  The Reggio education model believes in working as a team to educate the child, so the school and family work together to maintain balance. Family involvement is key to helping parents understand the needs a child has for proper development, as well as give your child the feeling of safety - knowing the parent is involved in school.  No child will be admitted for admission until we have the requirements listed on the back of this page. The information we receive is used during the process we use for acceptance into our program at Melrose.  

Understanding our Pre-K 4 Program: Melrose has never participated in the State of Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program (VPK).  There are many reasons that we’re happy to discuss with you, but mainly it’s directed at the testing that is required three times a year for 4 year olds.  We are a school that does not test - therefore we do not teach to test. Academics are always taught at Melrose, but it’s done in a hands-on, play-based environment. We prepare all children for Kindergarten and we use a guideline throughout the school year to make sure children stay on track. We also make sure parents use workbooks at home, to cover all bases in PreK. We are a tuition based private school and we do not accept VPK vouchers.

Melrose Preschool bases their choice of placement based on the following criteria:
Current school family - When paperwork and fees were turned in - Observation Component
Family Questionnaire & Academic, Social and Emotional Progress

We do not base our placement of students on race, color, religion or gender identity
We’re excited to begin year number seven and continue some well loved traditions,
as well as start some new ones!


Enrollment applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2021 school year!  

Step 1 -

  • Each family must have already completed a New Student tour or attend Open House. Your child should be present for the tour. This only applies to families who are not currently students.

    • Due to Covid-19 tours vary month to month.​ 

  • If your child is unable to attend a tour or Melrose would like to get to know them better, your child must attend the New Student observation component. Referred to as a Meet & Greet, this will be a 20 minute observation, completed by Melrose Administration.

    • We will email a confirmation of your Meet & Greet appointment after reviewing availability for your child.  

    • To keep things safe due to COVID-19 we will be conducting these  in groups of 3-4 children at a time.

    • During this time it will give us the opportunity to get to know your child. We will have small group time and allow children to explore and play with others.

    • Only one parent is able to attend and is required to stay with the child at all times. Parents will need to help the child(ren) with any issues that may arise during the session.

    • Parents must wear a mask, children are not required to wear one.

    • It is helpful for children to eat and drink before arriving.

    • Children should also use the restroom or have a fresh diaper beforehand.

Forms & Fees due at time of enrollment

  • Turn in your Child’s Application - FORM A (peach)

  • Turn in your Family Questionnaire - FORM B (green)

  • Turn in your Tuition contract (2pages). Both parent signatures are required.  - FORM C (purple)

  • Pay the New Student Application Fee $20 per child non-refundable

  • Pay Annual Supply Fee: per child non-refundable

    • 1 year - 2 years $125                        3 years - Pre-K 4  $150

  • Pay the $150 per child non-refundable enrollment fee

  • Melrose will send a final email confirmation of acceptance within 1 week after your child has their Meet & Greet. Parents or guardians must reply within 48-72 hours to save your child’s spot.

  • Melrose accepts checks or cash for these fees. We will not deposit your check or cash until after your child has been accepted into our school.

  • All fees listed above (Application, Supply & Enrollment) may be on one check.

Step 2 - Items DUE BEFORE Orientation in August. Your child MAY NOT begin school until ALL paperwork is completed.

  • Updated Physical - State of Florida School Entry Health Exam

  • Copy of current Shot Records or Exemption Florida Certificate of Immunizations with valid Expiration Date

  • Tuition Express Form (Our Procare Software system) - Melrose does not accept cash for tuition payments


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