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    "To a young child, the world is full of materials to touch, discover and explore. To find, collect, sort, and use materials is to embark on a special kind of adventure. For adults, gathering materials means rediscovering the richness and beauty in natural, unexpected, and recyclable objects that are all around us, but not often noticed.


One way to rediscover our own creative impulses is to see possibilities in materials. Children possess a natural openness to the potential of materials.

When adults become aware of this process, they find ways to watch and listen to children. Children and adults become collaborators as they discover, collect, sort, arrange, experiment, create, construct, and think with materials. The goal is to allow children to become fluent with materials – as if materials were a language.”

– Introduction to Beautiful Stuff! Learning with Found Material by Cathy Weisman Topal & Lella Gandini


Our school setting is a home-like environment that encourages children to feel comfortable, to grow, and to THRIVE! We incorporate many things into our school environment including...

  • Natural Light

  • Plants and Flowers

  • Outside Garden

  • Animals

  • Natural Wood

  • Seashells

  • Handcrafted Toys

  • Wooden Shelves and Structures

  • Recycled and Repurposed Objects

  • Maps

  • Stones

  • Branches, Twigs, and Leaves

  • Yarn, Wire, and String

  • Beads

  • Clay

  • Found Objects

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