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9:00-9:10 am

Arrive to School
-  Put away backpack, lunch box, water bottle, and choose morning snack
-  Choose a class family job for the day


9:10-9:20 am

Morning Meeting
-  Good Morning Song by Conscious Discipline
-  Story and introduction to the daily activities

9:20-9:45 am

Snack Time

-  Enjoy a healthy snack to energize the day

9:40-10:00 am

Snack Clean Up and Bathroom Break

-  Clean up from snack time

-  Take a bathroom break

10:00-10:45 am

Garden Fun Time

-  Head down to the Garden to frolick in the sunshine and play with friends

10:45-11:00 am

Garden Time Clean Up and Care for Pets

-  Wash hands and face from Garden Tim-  Take a bathroom break

-  Stop by to visit and feed our school pet

11:00-12:00 am

Studio Time (limited to a small group)

-  Classroom Studio time (child's choice)

-  Free Play Time (childs's choice)
12:00-12:45 pm

Lunch Time

-  Enjoy lunchtime together

-  Clean up after lunch

-  Take a bathroom break

12:45-12:55 pm

Afternoon Meeting

-  Story of the Day (children help decide)

-  I Wish You Well song by Conscious Discipline


Ready to Go

 -  Pack up all our things to head home or to Stay & Play

-  Sit on classroom entrance rug and wait patiently for pick-up

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