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"My daughter absolutely loves going to Melrose and I couldn't be happier. The staff is creative, warm, and loving, they utilize great teaching philosophies, and the leadership is brimming with smarts and enthusiasm. Always something new and fun going on for the kids. Would recommend to all families!"

- Lindsay S.
 Mom of 2 at Melrose

"My son is learning so much in a short time through playing. The staff is so welcoming and friendly. I love how they in corporate sign language as well. Mrs. Beth is an amazing and patient teacher. My son will definitely continue school at Melrose until he graduates to elementary."

- Karen S.
 Mom of 1 at Melrose

"Melrose Avenue Preschool has been the perfect first school experience for our 3 year old son. It's more than just a school, it's a family. They are always exploring their world around them, whether it's baking homemade bread, planting flowers, practicing yoga or creating sculptures. As an artist their art room alone, overflowing with creative supplies, won me over at first sight. My son loved his teachers (Mrs. Beth is the best!) and his teachers in return have returned that love and more. We are so happy and lucky to be in the Melrose family for many more years and siblings to come! 

- Nicole T.
 Mom of 1 at Melrose

"The most amazing preschool in Jacksonville! I visited MANY preschools and this is top notch. From the dedicated and loving staff to the warm, welcoming environment... Melrose is the perfect spot for play-based learning to occur."

- Jane D.
 Mom of 1 at Melrose

" Melrose offers my 3 year old son the most wonderful experience possible. It is an amazing preachool and kindergarten school. It's play-based learning philosophy teaches children to be curious, creative, confident individuals. My son grows everyday through art classes, gardening, tending animals, reading, playing, drama, dancing, yoga, and so much more.  It is the BEST preschool in Jacksonville and we are so blessed to have it right in our neighborhood!"

- Heather N.
 Mom of 1 at Melrose

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